The post-restoration re-opening of the town hall – a specimen of the 18th century architecture - came as a pleasant surprise to the citizens of Chechersk. 

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The town of Chechersk was first mentioned in chronicles in the 12th century. It is situated near the confluence of the River Chechera and the River Sozh. This territory was chosen for inhabitance as early as in ancient times. The town was probably founded at the site of an ancient hamlet, which grew into a settlement with planned structure, typical of the towns of the 12-13th centuries.

Chechersk has a chequered history: it formed a part of the Chernigov and Kiev principalities, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and others. The town often changed its owners. It was frequently destroyed and damaged by fires. In 1774 Ekaterina II presented Chechersk to Governor-General of the region Chernyshov, who played an important role in reconstruction of the town and building of historical monuments.

The old part of Chechersk has regular planning and building paradigm. The so-called chess-like planning pattern contributed to the rectangular shape of living quarters - somewhere stretched somewhere akin to the square - and the system of streets, rather wide and geometric.

It is only Zamkovaya Str. that has preserved its irregular pattern. Certain monotony of the town’s planning structure was broken by the system of squares with religious buildings and a town hall. Two monuments of architecture have been preserved in Chechersk, namely, the town hall and the Church of Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In September 2004 Chechersk celebrated its 845th anniversary. Alexander Pushkin visited the town on his way from exile, Ekaterina II participated in opening of the Saint Transfiguration Church, and at a later date she also met here with Count Rumiantsev. Nikolai II also visited Chechersk. Chechersk Count Zakhariy Chernyshov even established a serf theater at the town hall.

  Curious facts...

Most interesting in the town are the following two sites: the Transfiguration Church and the town hall. The both structures were built in the 18th century. The church was intended to be the central town building; it should have been seen from anywhere in Chechersk. The church has a wooden dome with its span accounting for 15 meters.

Chechersk has the most unique town hall in Belarus. The town hall has five towers rather than one and all of the towers are made of wood. The Polesye has always been famous for its wooden architecture. And another notable fact is that the town hall displays classical, gothic and even oriental tints, which reveal depending on where the viewer stands.

Count Chernyshov indeed had an exquisite taste – he ordered to build the town hall and a palace. Unfortunately, the latter was completely destroyed during the Great Patriotic War.


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