The palace and park ensemble built at the end of the 19th century on the order of General Gatovskiy has preserved its unique charm.

An annexe.

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The main tourist route of Golden Ring of Gomel oblast crosses the territory of the Zhlobin region, where in the village Krasnyi Bereg there is a preserved monument of palace and park architecture of the second half of the 19th century.

The estate belonged to Lieutenant-General Mikhail Gatovskiy. It included a palace, an annexe, a farm, and a park with a garden with birch and lime alleys.

The palace was built in 1890-1893. It combined the traits of neo-Gothic and French neo-Renaissance architecture. The halls of the palace illustrate various styles. There are the halls decorated in the “Roman”, “Renaissance”, and “Arab” styles. The dance hall displays the characteristic features of the Louis XVI style. The boudoir is lit by wall chandeliers; a number of rooms, walls and soffits are covered with polychrome drawings. Besides decorating the interior with furniture of various styles the use was made of bronze articles manufactured by a Polish firm of the Lapienskie, Venetian cut-glasses, English faience and French porcelain.

There is a large gallery of paintings in the palace (mostly representing the 19th century art) by Semiradskiy, Aivazovskiy, Kondratenko. A two-storied annexe is decorated in the same architectural style as the palace.

Near the palace there is an “English park” of the landscape-regular type and a garden stretching for 10 hectares. A net of paths divide the park into several zones, one of which adjoins the River Dobasna. There is a canal, which crosses the garden and flows into the river. The canal has three small bridges.

There are mostly conifers in the park: fir, silver fir, larch. There can also be seen oak-trees, lindens, chestnuts and exotic trees like red fir, American, big leaf and Crimean lindens and walnuts.

The palace and park ensemble was built at the end of the 19th century on the order of General Gatovskiy. It has preserved its unique appearance, which owes credit to angular towers, entries and annexes. The excursion into the ensemble leaves you with a feeling of incompleteness. Although historians state that the order was completed in full. An alcohol factory, a number of farm structures and buildings have been preserved on the territory of the estate.

  Curious facts... Landowner Poplevskiy, who started to build the mansion in such a picturesque place as Krasnyi Bereg, paid peasants 5 kopecks for 400 bricks brought from Bobruisk. Therefore those who wanted to earn some money were in abundance (having delivered such portion of bricks several times one could buy a cow). Lime for the brickwork was slaked beforehand in a special pit for a year. People threw chicken eggs and bodies of dead animals in the pit to improve the quality of the lime. The efforts resulted in a real architectural monument in the form of a two-storied mansion with 36 rooms having absolutely different finishing. The building hosted a small church. The construction ended in 1893. The building remained untouched by the war due to hospitals it accommodated – first of the Red Army, then – German.  

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